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Artist CV


BA. Fine Art, Central Saint Martins College of Arts. London, UK. 2011
BA. Department of Architecture. Chung Yuan University. Taiwan, 2006


Solo Exhibitions

2019 H II 游離氫子的棲地, Sculptor Barber, Taipei.
2018 Galaxy’s Centre, A12 Lab, London.
2017 Galaxy’s Centre Tastes of Raspberries and Smells of Rum, Cre8 Studio, London.
2010 La Maison De Fay Gallery, London.


Group Exhibitions

2023 Womb 母體, 微物空間, Taipei.

2021 Day Dreams, Chrom Gallery, London.

2021 Cold weather outside the hinges, Kim?, Riga.
2020 Chinese Table, Low Gallery, Riga.

2019 Kepler 452b—The Sound of Intergalactica, Club OST, Berlin.
2018 Artytecture, RB12, London.
2018 Violence/Silence, The Cello Factory, London.
2018 Modiva, the Castle, London.

2018 Sweaty Bush, Raumklang, Berlin.
2017 FT2 Second Edition, ACTIU Showroom, London
2017 #TRIBE17 International Art Festival, OXO Bargehouse, London.
2016 AXIOM, Vyner Street Studio, London.
2015 Office Sessions Beak Street Exhibition IV, Soho, London.

2014 Winter Pride Art Awards, Tobacco Dock, London.
2014 Kubrick's Lift, EPIC Dalston, London.
2013 TRANSITION COLLECTIVE Office Sessions I, London.

2013 VJ Collective, nhow Hotel, Berlin.
2012 Rock n Roll Zoo, Vibe Gallery, London.
2012 Cavalcade Art Festival, London.

2012 There is no reason, Shih Chien University, Taipei.
2011 Praveenata Collective, London.
2011 Aggression, St. Paul’s Church, London.

2011 Plug in X Add on: Taiwan Contemporary Art Exhibition. London
2011 Cup Soup, The Loft, London.
2011 FRAGILE, Hackney WickED Art Festival, London.
2011 Degree Show, Central Saint Martins of Arts, London.




2021 Cold Time, Drawing, Kim?. @ @

2019 Stella, Vinyl, The Sound of Kepler.
2018 TANGLE, Cover design, Paris Lit Up Magazine.
2017 Video Art is Dead, Video work, the Basement Labs.

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